CrossFire China – M4A1-S Jewelry [Showcase]!

Kinda late to the party with this one, but I was unable to get it upon its initial release few updates ago. And since ‘He Love’ had this gun as well as his Barrett M82A1-Born Beast, might as well record it!

This M4A1-S is lonely in a different section of the vip shop for some reason, which means they are likely to make more guns with similar designs and smaller perks, speaking of those, here they are:

• 100% Experiences bonus for the owner.
• 20% Exp for everyone in the same room.
• 10% GP for everyone in the same room.
• +1 Bullet to every equipped assault rifle.
• An additional life in Zombie Mode match.
• Butt-stock melee attack with right click.
• Ludicrously Fast Reload animation.

This was recorded at the same time we did our Barrett-Born Beast showcases; both iPHiL n’ Xbox? were present during the recording of this short showcases. Therefore, quick shout out to both of them!

• iPHiL: []
• Korasi: []

• Damage Inc. by Metallica.
• Flash Back from MegaMan Zero 2; remixed by Masaki Suzuki!

Stay tuned for more videos, enjoy!

Post time: 03-31-2017