Curio Cabinets and the Different Types That Will Enhance the Look of Your Home

A curio cabinet can come in all different sizes from wall-mounted, tabletop to floor models. They are predominately a glass cabinet with wood or metal framework. Curio cabinets are usually are horizontal in shape to display collectibles. The sides of these cabinets are normally glass while the back of the cabinet is either glass or mirror material with a different number of shelves for the collectibles to stand on. A curio can have a very plain design or have very intricate designs that really accentuate the piece. A curio will help prevent dust build-up on collectibles. A curio cabinet differs from a display case, in that a display case is usually horizontal to display jewelry that is for sale on a felt bottom while a curio is vertical to show standing items and usually has no bottom lining.

The wall-mounted curio cabinet is usually the smallest with an open front with multiple shelves for small collectibles. This curio is normally a square or diagonal design. These cabinets are usually made of wood with multiple display shelves and both attach to the wall. These cabinets normally do not have the intricate design that may appear in tabletop or floor model curios. Although, they still make for very attractive displays of your collectibles.

A tabletop cabinet will be considerably smaller than floor curio cabinets. They normally have one to two shelves for display items and one or two doors in the front of glass, wood or metal. Tabletop models will hold only a few items or if you take out the shelves the curio can be used as a doll display case. They can range in size from eight to sixteen inches wide, six to eight inches deep to eighteen to twenty-eight inches high.

A floor model cabinet is the biggest of the three and can hold numerous collectibles of various shapes and sizes. These curios will normally have three to five shelves of glass or wood. Their sizes range from the narrow width and tall cabinets to shorter and long units. These curios are predominately made of wood frames with glass sides and fronts with a mirrored backdrop. The taller and narrower cabinets can also contain storage are in the lower portion of the cabinet for storage purposes.

The cost of curio cabinets can differ by a wide margin from ten dollars to well over a thousand dollars. There are numerous brands of curios that are very popular. A curio cabinet will certainly enhance your home.

Post time: 09-23-2017