Custom Drum Set-UP w/ Curved Side Racks | Brent’s Hang NBO #12

Gibraltar Hardware continues our Nothing But Options series with 3Up, 2Down drum set-ups. Brent walks us through how to customize your set-up using a hybrid of rack bars, cymbal stands and tom stands.

In this episode Brent focuses on curved side racks and how to customize your set-up and clean up floor space.

There are hundreds of ways to customize your drum set-up,
by using different hardware and tom placements, while always keeping the cymbal placement the same, Brent shows the possibilities you have to achieve whatever stye and function you’re looking for.

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In the opening video for the series Brent starts off with a stock drum kit, just like you would find set-up in a retail store. Then he shows how you can customize your set-up and hopefully inspire you to find new ways to use the hardware to help achieve the sound your looking for.

A full parts list will be available soon for 3Up-2Down for download on the Gibraltar website, the other series are currently available here:

Post time: 08-27-2017