Custom Handmade Light Fixtures for Gas and Electric Installations

Is it important enough for a client to insist upon custom fabricated fixtures versus off the shelf, mass produced lighting fixtures? Absolutely, if the client wants a one-of-a-kind fixture based on careful research of a historic antique or simply a fixture that you won’t see on every other house in the neighborhood. Custom outdoor exterior lanterns are based on careful research of 17th and 18th century custom exterior lighting that is timely today and perfect for residential and commercial use. Custom light fixtures are hand crafted by highly trained artisans, with very high standards and hand finished with beautiful patinas and specialty art glass.

Custom outdoor lighting fabricators have always involved themselves with creative projects that include the client’s input, because, after all, the client has a vision of how they want the final outdoor light fixture to look like, upon completion. From the initial design to an actual full scale hand drawn draft and pattern, prototype molds, the completion of the prototype, the fabricator should show the client each of the steps to make sure he has done exactly what the client wants. After the design prototype has been approved, there is the finish selection, the glass choice and the actual trial testing of the fixture, the photographing of the fixture, then the careful packing and handling, prior to the outgoing shipment.

Custom outdoor light fixtures should be UL compliant outdoor light fixtures, whether they are gas or electric. When dealing with a custom outdoor lighting fabricator, it is important that the manufactory has an excellent reputation, supported by many years of careful fabrication and expertise, with in house designers who give their attention to every detail. Whether it’s home lighting you seek or an innovative historical reproduction for your business, a custom outdoor lighting fabricator should also offer energy saving solutions in a complete range of outdoor lighting fixture styles.

Gas lighting is becoming quite popular once again and the technology for building the perfect outdoor gas lantern has greatly improved based by the use of heavier gauge brass for building sturdier, more reliable lantern cages. Whether a client selects a simple on-off switch on the lantern or an electronically controlled wall switch to illuminate the gas lantern – the choice is clearly based on personal preference. A client can also select the size, shape and number of flames they wish to see, once the lantern is lit. A gas lantern isn’t necessarily energy efficient but the effect can certainly be pleasing to the eye and the styles available are endless. Custom built outdoor gas lanterns can achieve the perfect balance in entryway applications where soft ambiant light is necessary for lighting up pathways and stairs.

Custom light fabrication is a highly sought after service with architects, interior designers, lighting specifiers and builders. Trade professionals love having the ability to stretch their creative talents by submitting a unique outdoor lantern design to a custom lighting fabricator then actually see their design come to completion. If a client wishes to hire an outdoor lighting fabricator to manufacture their dream outdoor lanterns, then it is imperative that they select a company that has a long standing reputation for producing high end outdoor lanterns with that hand crafted, not massed produced, quality.

Post time: 09-02-2017