Custom Lighting Fixture Options

Custom lighting fixture options are easily affordable, and can add a bit of personal touch and style to your home. Adding just one to your house or office can make a very effective statement. A light fixture is any object used to create artificial light through electricity. Unlike a luminaire, it does not have a light source attached to it. So when choosing a light fixture you must always consider the source of your light. If it’s a bulb, make sure you stay within the wattage allowed; you do not want to set fire to anything by putting a strain on your electrical source.

There are two several types of light fixtures: free standing (or portable), fixed and special purpose lights. Free-standing is the most common. Examples include office, desk and table lamps. These are often used in any room of a house or an office at any given time. They’re convenient because they can be easily moved, and are the most commonly purchased type of light fixture. A customized light fixture of this type is pretty inexpensive; some can be found for less than $20, the same price of any similar store-bought product.

Another example of a free-standing light fixture is a night light. They are plugged directly into the wall. These are usually used in children’s rooms, bathrooms or hallways to give a bit of illumination to an otherwise darkened area.

Fixed lighting fixtures are broken down into three different groups: recessed light, surface mounted light and outdoor lighting. Of course, outdoor lighting is lighting that is used outdoors. This can usually be found along pathways, in yards and streetlamps. These are easy to find in customized options, because people like to decorate their backyards as much as they do the interior of their houses.

Recessed lighting has only the fixture itself exposed, while the rest of it is hidden behind the wall or ceiling. But surface mounted lights are the most common; these are light fixtures that are mounted directly on a surface. Most custom options for these are very reasonably priced. Some examples include chandeliers, pendant lighting and track lighting.

Post time: 04-11-2017