The Madura Fashion & Lifestyle Stores from Aditya Birla Group features the brand’s new architectural concept. Its designs and Interiors are inspiration from Heritage European Architecture and living spaces. Lighting have been designed to emphasis on design details and style elements. The store design is balancing the sense of space & intimacy.
Divided into themed areas that highlight formal wear, casual pieces and accessories using different forms of fixture and materials.
Commercial Grade stainless steel, black glass and premium laminate crafted together seamlessly throughout to create extraordinary fixtures.
The store combines two important aspects of retailing, visual impact and customer comfort. The former is achieved through a play of materials, lighting, visuals, graphics and merchandise. The latter has been taken care of by providing a luxurious seating lounge, ample space to browse and move around in the store and seating arrangement in the trial rooms which transforms the entire space into a regal & elegant environment.This elevates the product experience beyond customer expectations.

Post time: 05-21-2017