Dispensers For Bulk Candy – 5 Great Choices

Everyone loves candy, which is why so many retailers like to display bulk candy in their stores. But if you’re a retailer looking into a profitable candy in bulk display, there are some steps you have to take to get your displays in order. One of the most important choices you’ll make is which dispensers you’ll use.

There are a lot of great choices for dispensers for bulk candies, but a few kinds stand out. The following are some of the best bulk candy containers for your store.

  • Gravity bins. Bulk candy gravity bins fill from the top and dispense candy from the bottom, so the force of gravity allows the candy to flow right into your candy bag. With gravity bins, you can choose your size-3 or 5 gallon-and your customers can see your brightly colored candies. You also don’t have to bother with scoops, since gravity does the work for you.
  • Acrylic bins with hinged lids. These candy dispensers do require scoops, which are kept in the slot on the side of the bin. Acrylic candy bins are easy to display, can sit flat on a shelf, and can be filled with any kind of colorful wholesale candy. The hinged lid keeps the candy fresh, while keeping out hands that want to help themselves to free samples.
  • Stackable mini bins. This is another kind of candy scoop bin, but because of their size, you can get a lot of these little bins in a small space. It’s a great choice for when you want to display a lot of different kinds of bulk candy, but don’t necessarily want to stock a lot of each kind.
  • Acrylic candy racks. These are the fixtures that you will install that hold your bins, containers, or jars. If you want a whole section full of candy bins, you’ll install long walls full of these versatile acrylic candy racks, or you can have a small rack that only holds a few bins.
  • Glass candy jars. If you want a classy, old-fashioned look for displaying your candy, glass bulk candy jars are your best choice. Customers can see inside them to consider their selection, and the lids of the jars keep the candy fresh. The look of these glass candy containers reminds people of a time when candy was homemade and quality and service were the watchwords of every retailer. When you display your candy in a glass bulk candy container, you’re appealing to people on several different levels.

Once you have the excellent idea of providing bulk candy to your customers, you’ll have to figure out what kind of display you want, and what kind of dispensers for bulk candy you will use. Use the ideas listed above, and you’ll be off to a great start!

Post time: 08-06-2017