Display Case Lighting For Retail Food Display Cases

The display trend is ruling the food industry marketing with the involvement of technical lighting in food outlets and food departments in supermarkets. Both hot and cold food items are showing a positive trend in sales turnover when they are displayed in specially lighted cases, which are also good for health purpose.

The new approach in this commercial lighting industry is helping in the expansion of the market and lighting professionals are giving their best to improve the display quality day by day to make the food to remain potentially safer for health with merchandising lighting technique.

Supermarket chains and individual retail outlets are concentrating on food display cases to allure customers for improvement in sales and preservation of food quality. The Balanced Spectrum know-how has been introduced to lessen and remove the effect of harmful radiation to retain the color and quality of perishable food on display. This technique has been helpful for bakeries, coffee parlors, restaurants, who display perishable food for customers. The effect has been extremely reliable for eliminating the degeneration of perishable food on display. It is being followed by other industries including cosmetics and flowers to retain the integrity of products. Further applications are also found in medical utilities, museums and many other industries.

Display case lighting is responsible to engage the customer with its attraction to incite an urge to purchase. The main intention of the lighting is to highlight the product on display. Hence, different lighting technique is used for different items. Researchers found that poor lighting and uncontrolled radiation can damage the color and composition of food products. The Balanced Spectrum lighting corrects the above flaws in display lighting and provides healthy and attractive lighting for food items. This technique retains the quality of merchandise and at the same time draws attention of customers to the display.

Several food items are preserved properly with the specific commercial lighting with enhanced appearance value without any distortion. This is particularly beneficial to display the home meal items that are refrigerated and displayed for customers without any chance of ruining. Ordinary lighting can spoil the integrity of salad bars on display but with the balanced lighting technique, the shelf life of salad bar is increased to remain safe for intake. Several food items including chocolates, ice creams, hot foods and many others are susceptible to harmful radiation and are damaged.

Post time: 07-28-2016