Display Rental Options for Trade Shows

When you are heading for a trade show, you need an area to set up, and display rental options are available for you. Several different options are available to choose from, so you can show your products or merchandise. You can find ways to showcase your services or products at any trade show. Modular booths in various sizes, shapes, and styles can work for any type of show. They are portable, which makes them easy to move, set up, and take down.


One type of display rental is a counter. Counters come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Corner counters and trapezoid counters are available to display your items at any trade show. These work well if you have a small location for setting up. Jewelry and crafts show nicely on any counter space. Counters work as stand-alone units or can be combined to create larger surfaces.

Another option is a tabletop if you have a small area or want a backdrop on the table. These sit at the back of the table to showcase your items. They come with either three or four panels. Some have fabric covering them to make it easy to attach graphics using Velcro. One more type of counter style is the kiosk. When you have brochures or literature, a kiosk gives you the space for them. Many of the kiosks have built-in tables to hold items. The panel behind provides room for graphics.

Panels with Counters

A panel and counter combination creates the feel of an enclosed space. Many panels have a backlit header. The type of counter varies from a central counter to an island counter on one side of the panel. You can add graphics to the panel using Velcro.

Double Decker

If you want a large display rental, a double-decker option will work to maximize the space you are allowed. They can be used alone or with islands. The upper deck gives you the same space as below with stairs for easy access. When space is a premium, the double decker provides that extra space to showcase your merchandise.


Island areas offer towers for showing products as well as counters. They come in various sizes to accommodate any trade show space. Many island areas have lighting and cases. You can customize this complete area for your needs.

Whatever you are showing at a trade show, you need a display rental to showcase your items. From simple tabletop designs to larger space optimizers, there is one that is perfect for your needs. Panel backdrops and counters can create a cozy area or an open space that works for you.

Post time: 04-20-2017