DIY Display Shelf Showcase

Hey everyone! I have a video showcasing some charms and crafts I received from other crafters!

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DIY Display Case Tutorial:
xoxRufus Channel:
Kawaii Studios Etsy:
Funkypinkgal Channel:
theLittleMew Channel:
theLittleMew Etsy:
Littlesurprisesyt Channel:
Littlesurprises Etsy:
Suzushoe Channel:
Suzushoe Etsy:
Momomigurumi Etsy:
Momomigurumi Instagram:
Ameyuki Etsy:
Ameyuki Instagram:
Saozen Plush Etsy:
Saozen Plush Instagram:
Maysatch Instagram:
LadybugFimo Instagram:

***Please refer to all TOOLS/SUPPLIES questions in my “CLAY FAQ” video, there are links to where I get my supplies

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Post time: 09-23-2017