Diy jewelry exhibit with Cray Ray

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Hello guys!

Welcome at Cray Ray

Now i am likely to display you how to make a jewelry exhibit

What do you want?

A few plates or dishes
Two spacers like vases or extended beverages or even a martiniglas will do the job!
some hooks or wood caps
Some marbles or pebbles or silk bouquets or no matter what
And you will want a lazy susan bearing to basically spin your exhibit

mark the lessen bowl or plate on the again with tape wherever the turntable will be attached
make sure your glue gun is very hot so you can use the glue on your turntable
Then you attach the turntable right away on the backside of your major plate
press the turntable properly and securely for a minute
pull the tape off and flip your bowl or plate
there you will mark all over again with tape wherever you want the candlestick or vase to be attached
repeat that for just about every plate or dish.

Glue the top of the candlestick or vase and attach it to the bottom of the plate or dish
Glue the bottom of the candlestick or vase and safe it inside ten to 15 seconds on the lessen bowl or plate

And off program do not ignore to pull the tape off

Glue the bottom of the 2nd glass or vase on the 2nd plate or dish and press it all over again till the glue has dried.
And all over again off program Will not ignore to pull off the tape!
Fill the vase or glass with a layer of sand
then with a layer of pebbles
and a layer with a bit much larger pebbles
I use medium substantial glass stones to fill the past layer
glue the edge at the top of the glass with a thick layer of glue
and use your past plate or dish on the glass
press it nicely and enable it dry for one particular minute

bend the hooks on the slender side all the way again and fold the vast side of the hooks open up
attach the adhesive on the hook and push the slender end on the plate
also repeat this on the 2nd plate or bowl
watch out that you do not burn your fingers
And now the base is all set
Now all you have to do is enhance your exhibit with bouquets and pebbles
and off program your jewelry’s

I hope you liked it and thanks for observing! :D

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xoxo bye!

Post time: 08-27-2016