DIY PVC Clothing Rack


Hey guys! We bring to you a fun and very useful DIY project. It took us a while to figure out how to build this with the right measurements, and now that it’s done, we are super excited to show you guys how to create this clothing rack. If you try this DIY hashtag #baconsquaredstyle on the social medias below; we would love to see your recreation of this project. Hope you all like it! :)

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1 inch PVC Pipe:
- 1 4 ft
- 2 2 ft
- 4 8 in
- 2 .5 ft
- 2 1 ft
- 8 1 inch Tee
- 4 1 inch 90° Elbow
- 4 1 x 3/4 inch 90° elbow
- 8 1 inch Tee
- 4 Bushing
- spray paint color of your choice
- Hammer
- old rag or towel
- Some sort of saw to cut the pipes

The 4 extra hooks on the sides are optional. I mainly wanted them so I can hold purses and totes. You can always substitute the multiple pipe cuttings into two 4 ft. pipes on the sides, for this may be easier if you don’t want to do too much cutting. Also, the height measurement can be changed to your own liking, but I advise you to leave the width the same unless you want it shorter. This is because the pipe might dip a little if you have too much stuff hanging on it. I hope to do a future DIY of a clothing rack using metal pipe because it’s sturdier.

Pipe: (comes in different lengths)
-10 ft.
-5 ft.
-2 ft.



Elbow (1 inch):

Elbow (1×3/4 inch):

Post time: 06-01-2017