DIY Spinning Jewelry Display Made with recycled wooden spice rack

Mom was about to throw out these spinning spice racks. Decided to create Necklace/

jewelry holder rather than adding to the enormous landfill. Get these for a few dollars at your

local thrift shop, Goodwill or Salvation army too.

You can decorate as you wish by painting, decoupage, add fabric, beads or silk

flowers. The possibilities are endless! I Plan to add paper clip “S” hooks in the

open circles and hang bracelets, rings or earrings.

Spinning Spice Rack
Ruler/ Tape Measure
Pen or pencil to mark holes
Small Cup Hooks
Pliers (Preferably Without teeth)
Eye Protection


1)Turn spinning spice rack upside down
2) Use ruler and mark with pen or pencil where drill holes will be
(I had a total of 8 hooks but you can add as many as you wish)
3) Make sure to use eye protection
and Drill in holes-

The drill bit measured a little thinner than thickness of screws so hooks would fit

snugly going in.

Finished with pliers since it got harder to twist the deeper it went. My pliers had

teeth and marred the hooks. Recommend using pliers with no teeth to prevent

scratches on hooks.
4) Turn right side up , Add necklaces -spin and enjoy!

Post time: 05-11-2017