Does Size Matter?

When it comes to trade show displays, size does matter, but bigger is not always better! The size of your display depends on the amount of space you have committed to at the show, and whether it is an island space or an in-line space. It also depends on your target audience and your trade show goals and budgets.

Show Flow

When laying out your booth design, carefully examine your spot on the show floor plan. Depending on your location (on an isle, near an entrance, near food, etc.) you can determine the ideal “flow” – that is how you would like show attendees to move through your booth. A good display takes foot traffic from any direction, invites it in, and moves it along in a comfortable way.

Comfortable Space

Be careful not to over-crowd your booth with too much product, too much literature, or an overwhelming display. Show goers have limited time to take it all in, and most don’t like to be weighed down with too much information or too much “stuff”. Over-crowded booths inhibit a good show flow, too, and will cause people to skip your booth in favor of another that is less cramped.

Tabletop Displays

Some shows – particularly small venue shows, local shows and meetings, or single day shows call for a scaled down version of a display. Tabletop displays as well as Banner Stands are ideal for these events. Many tabletop displays are available as rental displays. Check with your display vendor to see what your options are for small venue shows.

In-Line Displays

Displays that back up to a wall or to pipe-and-drape are called in-line displays. These displays are most commonly 10×10 or 10×20 displays. Configurations and options for in-line displays are many and include pop-up systems, truss systems and even cabinet and countertop systems. Given your booth size and budget, your display vendor should be able to show you many different options.

Island Displays

When it comes to making a big impression at a trade show, nothing beats an island display. Visible from all four sides, island displays give exhibitors great options for inviting people into a booth in a comfortable way. Island displays come in limitless configurations, shapes, sizes (and prices!). Your display vendor can tell you what type of display will best fit your budget and trade show goals.

Post time: 02-18-2017