Don’t Miss Out on Lucrative Novelty Filled Racks

Display racks that are pre-filled with merchandise are excellent ideas for nearly every kind of store. Gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, toy stores, specialty shops, bookstores, and gift shops – they can all use pre-filled display racks of some sort. These kinds of racks are especially useful to stores that are just opening up and need starter racks and displays to help them stock their countertops, floors, and walls until they get on their feet.

While display racks that are pre-filled with merchandise such as candy tend to work well in any kind of store, other kinds of pre-filled racks – such as those filled with novelty items – usually work best in stores that sell similar kinds of items. For example, it’s common to find pre-filled candy displays in movie rental stores because many people snack while they watch movies; however, it’s not common to find novelty filled racks in movie rental stores because not many people want to play with toys while they’re watching films.

Because most racks filled with novelty items include toys, it’s wise to have these racks on display in stores where children and there parents are likely to be customers. If you manage any of the following kinds of stores, you should consider adding novelty filled racks to your merchandise displays:

  • Toy Stores: Racks filled with novelty toys are great for encourage add-on items at checkout.
  • Grocery Stores: Many grocery stores include novelty racks near their checkout aisles where children are likely to ask their parents for a toy.
  • Convenience Stores and Gas Stations: Ever traveled with a child? Novelty toys are great ways to keep them entertained during long trips.

What Merchandise Do Novelty Filled Racks Include?

Novelty filled racks can include a wide assortment of novelty items. Probably the most popular kinds of items included in pre-filled novelty racks are novelty toys. Such toys might include:

  • Spheres like Neutron Lite Up Balls, Critter Balls, Puffer Balls, and Horriballs.
  • Stretchy (and stress relieving!) toys like Blob Frogs and Moody Faces.
  • Creepy, crawly towys like Ginormous Worms, Stretchy Centipedes, Rainbow Worms.

Where’s the Best Location to Place a Novelty Filled Rack?

As is the case with candy filled display racks, novelty filled display racks are available in a variety of models. You can generally find racks designed to work as countertop displays, floor displays, and even wall displays. Where you place your rack of novelty merchandise largely depends on the amount of you have to work with within your store. Be careful not to set up a display rack in an area that’s already congested with merchandise or too small to accommodate both another merchandise rack and your customers.

Of course, as you’re considering where you should situate these racks, keep in mind that these kinds of novelty toys are most popular among children. If your store caters to a number of age groups, it’s probably best to place your novelty filled racks in sections of your store where children are mostly likely going to visit. Such areas might include toy aisles, bookshelves that feature children’s books, and checkout aisles.

Post time: 10-16-2017