Equipment Used in the Kitchen

Kitchen Equipment

Today we have all kinds of equipment and gadgets to make life easier in the kitchen. Kitchen tools are exclusive items used in the kitchen; they must be reliable and efficient.

Domestic kitchens carry many of the same gadgets that professional kitchens do but on a smaller scale. You will find most small gadgets at home, like the mixers and blenders, electric can opener, and electric carving knives, measuring cups, and pizza cutters more or less everything with the exception of walk-in freezers and walk-in chillers. There should be a display cabinet so that you can display the freshness of the foods.

The health inspector inspects the temperature controls (maintain hot foods hot and cold foods cold). The vehicle transporting food has to be cleaned on a daily basis.

Broilers, cheese cutters, griddle hotplates, ovens, cooking roasters, and microwaves are all equipment used in the kitchen… No restaurant can function without them. All these articles come in different sizes and capabilities. Stocking a kitchen with vast gadgets and utensils can really be a headache.

There are few ways to begin collecting the equipment, utensils and appliances you need. One way is to write a list and start checking them off as you purchase. A second method is trial and error method. As you begin cooking you will realize what your kitchen is missing. you may also go to a store that sell such items and asked for advice.

You can buy the equipment from a garage sale, however, new is better. Shop for quality over quantity. Make sure you read and ask questions before you buy. A commercial kitchen business relies on practical products. Space saving, energy efficiency and convenience are some of the factors when deciding on the products to choose for your kitchen.

Petroleum gas, large steam kettles, fridges with stainless steel doors and stainless steel tables, braising pans, deep fat fryers and a machine that slices cheese are used in professional kitchen.

Cutting boards come in plastic and different colours so make sure your staffs knows what colour goes with raw or cooked food.

These are some of the utensils used in the kitchen.

Post time: 08-14-2017