Examples Of Nonstandard Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies

If you are planning on doing jewelry making as a hobby or businesses, you will need to make sure that you pick up all of the correct supplies. You will not only need beads for making the jewelry, but you will also need plenty of other specialist equipment if you really want to make stunning items of jewelry. Buying wholesale jewelry making supplies is one of the best ways to keep our costs down when you are jewelry making. There are some nonstandard items which will come in handy when you are doing the making. Here are just a few such supplies that you will need for this making:

Pencil and paper

Using a pencil, paper and colored pens is a great way to sketch out some of the designs that you have in mind for your jewelry. Being able to see what your designs look like on paper is a good way to decide whether these designs would be viable or not. It is also a good way to show others what their jewelry might look like, before they commit to having an item made. This is a good idea if you are custom making items for customers. Paper and artistic pencils are available from a wide range of different shops, not just wholesale jewelry making supplies sellers, therefore it is very easy to get hold of these items.

Storage boxes

Many wholesale jewelry making supplies sellers will be able to sell special boxes for beads and other tiny trinkets, which will include lots of tiny compartments, so that you can stop things from getting mixed up. If you do not want to buy a specialist box, there are plenty of other types of boxes available which can be repurposed for a place to store your wholesale jewelry making supplies. For example, bait boxes can be reused for supplies, as long as they have been thoroughly cleaned.

Ruler or tape measure

Use a ruler or a tape measure to ensure that you are doing things precisely. If you do not use a measuring device, you may end up with uneven pieces of jewelry which do not look right when they are being worn. Alternatively, you may discover that you have made things much too short or too long, so they do not end up looking like you want them to look.


Tweezers are a very useful tool if you are working with very tiny components such as seed beads. These tools will help you to work with far more precision. Whilst it is possible to buy tweezers from the drugs store or other local shops, you can also buy specialist tweezers and other precision instruments from wholesale jewelry making supplies sellers.

Safety Glasses

Whenever you are working with sharp objects or hot objects (such as a soldering iron) you should always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. These glasses can help to protect you from hot sparks or shrapnel which could blind you.

Post time: 03-28-2017