Exhibition Display Stands: Rut Busting Ideas For Participating In Trade Show Displays

At trade shows, repeating the same location, graphics, literature and sales spiel within exhibition display stands may be in your comfort zone but it becomes boring with no spontaneity or growth and you risk boring the attendees. This is a big mistake as the experimental nature of exhibiting requires constant artistic evolution. Embracing the new and exciting and pushing boundaries is essential in order to be successful.

Innovation in branding

Repeating the same thing again and again is not branding! Successful branding consists of a logo, design and colour. McDonald’s has one of the strongest brands there is, yet their catch phrases, menu, uniforms and overall look has been changed many times. Successful branding promotes the marketing message instead of useless repetition.

Look for inspiration

The sources for great ideas are always the most unexpected; many coming from the retail world; where the impact upon shoppers of colour, music and even temperature is carefully studied. Observe what inspires people to buy different products and whether you can mould those ideas to suit your own exhibit.

Many elements from advertisements such as images, catchphrases and graphics may be copyrighted and since your goal is to create a successful business, not to become a victim of a lawsuit, do not copy them. Instead adapt the idea to suit your requirements.

Get feedback

Get someone unrelated to your business to take a look at the exhibit and give you an outsider’s opinion; the first thing that catches their eye, first impressions and their emotions! Compare them to your marketing goals to see if you are on the right track. This person will be viewing the exhibit just like the attendees without any foreknowledge of how it was supposed to look.

Choose your booth staff carefully

Take a look at which staff members are professional, knowledgeable, and have strong sales skills and keep that in mind for the next time you have to send someone to a trade show. Send one skilled person and you’ll form a new dynamic; a whole team on the other hand guarantees an unpredictable performance. Either way all staff members must be well trained, whether they are old hands or rookies.

Exhibition Stand Displays staff’s wardrobe

A booth staff’s performance can be affected by things as simple as a change of clothes. If they have been wearing suits and ties for long, you’d be amazed at how switching them to something casual, yet coordinated can affect their confidence levels and how they interact with the visitors. Logo clothing is suitable for some businesses trying to emphasize the image as part of their branding.

People have a short attention span so if you don’t draw them in by presenting exciting and engaging things, they are going to walk right pass your booth. Implementing the ideas presented in this article along with your exhibition stand designer can make a remarkable difference in how visitors respond to your trade show booth.

Post time: 01-26-2017