Exploring Retail Sign Options For Retail Stores

Retailers are all competing for a limited amount of shoppers, so if you want your store to be successful, you’ll need to promote it. Customers must first be aware of your store, that way when they need (or want) a product that you sell, they’ll come to you first! One of the best ways to build awareness and promote your store is by using signs, as they are highly-visible and cost-effective. Any signs are better than none at all, but take the design process seriously and order the right material to ensure your signs are effective. Here are some great locations to use signage to promote your retail store, and which material(s) works best for each one:

Outside Your StoreRetail stores generally have large windows to show-off popular products, but these are also a great place to display full-size one-way vision graphics. This perforated material is see through from the inside, so your shoppers won’t feel trapped, but on the outside you can print full-color designs and graphics. It’s the perfect way to catch the eye of window shoppers. If your budget is limited, however, smaller vinyl decals are still very effective and can be die-cut for a look that is more-unique and interesting. Vinyl banners are also very effective for storefront advertising. If you are about to have your grand opening, or if you have a big holiday sale coming up, hang a banner over your entrance so everyone will know!

Inside the Store – Once customers have entered your store, well-placed signage can help convert them into sales. Large stores can be confusing, so direct customers to different areas of the store (the restrooms, customer service, the clearance section, etc.) using signage. These kinds of signs are a great way to display your creativity-you can use posters, banners, or even apply vinyl stickers directly to the walls! Inside your windows you can apply window clings which promote your featured products and current promotions. Since window clings don’t have adhesive, they’re easy to remove and store for reuse (if your promotion is recurring). At your entrance, use a vertical banner that shows customers what’s going on in the store that day. Whether it’s a clearance sale, giveaway, or the new season’s products have just arrived, having that information at eye-level when customers walk in leads to increased conversion.

Off-site – If customers don’t know about your store, however, there’s no point in have store signage. You’ll have to advertise off-site as well to drive customers into your location. If you have a home delivery truck, using car signs is a great way to get attention for your business. Car magnets are very-affordable and easy-to-remove if necessary, but if you want something that is semi-permanent, car decals apply directly to your vehicle for a painted-on look. Also sponsor local events like athletic games, charity auctions, and concerts to build your reputation in the community-in return, you’re generally able to advertise your store.

There are so many ways to advertise your retail store with signage that there’s no excuse to not take advantage of this great opportunity. Signage will help bring in customers, but your products and service will keep them there, so don’t ever forget that the customer is king!

Post time: 03-20-2017