Eye Catching Retail Display Ideas For Fair Trade Scarves

Clothing retailers know the value of inviting, eye-catching displays. Customers are like little explorers out at sea looking for appealing islands to spend a few precious moments. We need to offer shoppers displays that simply lure them to the island and then reward their attention with splendid discoveries. The geometry of your displays is a great first consideration, and many other factors need to be considered as well. When you choose to offer fair trade clothing in your store, other considerations are also valuable, such as succinctly telling the story behind the items.

If you are a retail shop owner or buyer of wholesale scarves you have surely gone to a trade show or two, and you have been considering what kinds of scarves work best for your particular shoppers. You know this best, and your sales always tell you what has or has not been working. But have you considered changing your displays to best show the qualities of the scarves? Of course you need to think about the customer and how they are assembling wardrobe pieces. You want to locate great clothing options near the scarves so the package can be put together rather easily. Some great window displays or in-store wardrobe examples could go a long way toward encouraging purchases of entire outfits made up of complementary pieces. One great idea is to lead the customer through a fun little circuit where they encounter a number of wardrobe suggestions on mannequins or some other similar display idea. The fair trade scarves then become an accessible addition as they experiment with looks and feels of various ensembles.

Think about the geometry of your display. Circular displays have a nice, tight, organized look, but they are so very common. What about an island look? Islands have inviting coves and noticeable outcroppings. You might even suggest the notion of islands by choosing an overall store theme. Or you could try a star-shaped display or a more naturalistic concept involving a tree and branches. These are just simple ideas. You can do the visualizing and adapting you need to. The point is that there are many display options that are not boring or overly pragmatic. Something is out there for you to become successful with.

If you are choosing a display for fair trade clothing you need to consider ways to tell the story behind the items-that they are fair trade, handmade, etc. If, for example, you have the need for information about a fair trade scarf display, talk to your supplier of wholesale scarves and gain the proper posters, and textual materials that tell the story best.

Fair trade clothing such as scarves is growing in popularity because of a combination of quality, aesthetic beauty. You can use your displays to feature such accessory pieces in their very best light. A story can be told in various facets, geometric, contextual and, of course, through the objects themselves. In the end you will be happy with your discoveries in the world of wholesale scarves after sales improve.

Post time: 09-26-2017