Finding the Right Store Fixtures to Define Your Brand

When it comes to retailing product, your store’s “brand” is just as important as the product you are selling and the store fixtures you choose are an important part of developing that brand image. When a customer walks into your store they form an impression about what your brand is before they even view a particular item. Your color scheme, décor, and store fixtures all play a role in developing your brand image along with the cleanliness of the store and the helpfulness of your employees. However, the visual image is what makes that all-important first impression.

Your store fixtures dictate how your items will be displayed and viewed by your customers. You want to choose fixtures that have the right finish and the right style to compliment your merchandise, although, you want the merchandise to be noticed by the customer and not the fixtures themselves. For this reason, acrylic fixtures are often used allowing the merchandise to be noticed while the fixture itself goes virtually unseen. Tubular metal garment racks achieve almost the same result, because the rack itself is quite minimal the clothing stands out.

Tubular racks are a great choice for creating your brand, especially when they are tiered and the first hanger on each arm displays a complete, fully accessorized outfit. This shows the customer what your brand is and helps them find coordinating pieces that look good together. Doing this tends to result in higher per ticket sales and better accessory percentages as it encourages customers to purchase the complete look. Also, having several tubular racks in the front of the store will help define your brand to potential customers even before they walk into your store.

Of course, your branding message shouldn’t end at the front door. Additional store fixtures such as counter racks and slat walls with acrylic shelves located behind the counter can help maintain the branding image you began at the front door. More often that not, the best profits are made from last minute add-on sales at the counter so this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Using the right store fixtures throughout your establishment is the best way to create your brand image and display your merchandise for maximum sales and profits.

Post time: 03-29-2017