“Firearmageddon:” Gun Racks Go Bare at Gunnies by Nutnfancy

This is negative history in the building. With the onslaught of the disarmament mob heading in direction of American gun owners, the shelves are going bare…fast. Arrive together for a Nutnfancy media event as we check in with Gunnies Gun Retail outlet and Western Have on in Orem, UT to this phenomena up near. We begin out in the turbo Z for the push down in exceptional sunshine. Upon arriving we hook up with our TNP friend Bryan Hood once again, callsign Coyote, as we walk and converse by way of the retail store. Gunnies is 1 of the ideal gun merchants I’ve seen with vast assortment, decent prices, educated employees (some!), and unwaivering 2nd Modification help. But here you will see the worry purchasing that is sweeping America as King Obama presses ahead with his disarmament policy, just as I have been warning the globe about for all of 2012. No make a difference, it really is here and it really is now. We examine we people have been purchasing, for how substantially, and even do a pair of gear checks on TNPrs. A lot of of you will crack down and cry when you see the very low prices, still, on some of the guns revealed: $560 for a Glock. But with outrageous, unparalleled desire these prices and availability are ephemeral. There is no re-offer in sight, lots of mfrs are refusing orders throughout 2013 and will wait to see what anti-self defense legislation transpires. It is an eye opening and regrettable historic event. But don’t forget this: when almost everything is illegal, almost nothing is.

Post time: 02-13-2017