Fish Bowls For Convenience Store Displays – Plastic Or Glass?

Fish bowl containers are ideal for more than just providing a home for your pet fish! These versatile containers have been helping convenience store owners create perfect merchandise displays for many years.

Convenience store’s can use fish bowl containers to:

  • Create countertop displays of edible merchandise like candy, or non-edible merchandise like ponytail holders, all-in-one pocket tools, key chains, or children’s toys like bouncy balls.
  • Position your fish bowls on wire display racks and situate your displays throughout your convenience store.
  • If your convenience store has a deli-style area, you can place fish bowls on the countertop or on each individual table to collect tips from patrons or displays packets of condiments, seasonings, coffee extras, breath mints, toothpicks, hand wipes, or complimentary matchbooks.

Both plastic and glass fish bowl containers work well for convenience store displays, but the kind of convenience store you operate will determine which material you should choose.

When are Plastic Fish Bowls Best for Convenience Store Displays?

Plastic fish bowl containers are usually always the best options for convenience stores that experience high volumes of fast-paced traffic.

Plastic is generally less likely to break if a customer should bump into the bowls in a countertop display or into the wire display rack holding the bowls.

When are Glass Fish Bowls Best for Convenience Store Displays?

Quite the opposite of plastic fish bowls, glass fish bowl containers work well for convenience stores that don’t experience high volumes of fast-paced traffic.

Generally, the less traffic a store experiences, the fewer chances there are for customers to bump into and break fish bowl displays.

Tips for Choosing Plastic or Glass Fish Bowls

If you’re still unsure about which fish bowl containers to use in your convenience store displays, consider these tips:

  • If your store experiences a high number of customers each day and the environment is generally fast paced and hectic, consider plastic fish bowl containers.
  • If your store operates at a slower pace, consider glass fish bowl containers. Slower-paced convenience stores present fewer opportunities for the fish bowls to break and create dangerous situations.
  • In addition to the kind of traffic your store experiences, consider your store’s “feel.” If your store leans toward a particular theme or décor, chances are one or the other material – glass or plastic – will work best.
  • Think about the kind of merchandise you plan to display in the bowls. If it’s merchandise adults are more likely to grab such as mini eyeglass repair kits or lighters, glass fish bowls might work; however, if it’s merchandise more likely to catch a child’s eye such as gumballs, candies, or bouncy balls, it might be best to choose plastic fish bowls.

Remember, when it comes to choosing fish bowl containers for your convenience store displays, you don’t have to choose just plastic or just glass. You can select a variety of bowls to use in different areas of your store. For example, if your store experiences a high volume of traffic on one area but a low volume in another, you might want to use plastic bowls where the most customers frequent, and glass bowls in the less busy areas.

Post time: 04-18-2017