Five Features of Cardboard Displays

Cardboard displays are a surprisingly common sight. We don’t often think about them, but they can be found almost everywhere we go. From the local supermarket that’s setting up a seasonal display such as one for Easter candy, to large warehouse stores looking to promote a newly arrived product, cardboard displays are what we turn to for a quick and convenient display. But why are these cardboard display racks spotted everywhere? Is it because of their looks? How about the amount of products that can be stored within them? Are there any other reasons than that?

Of course there are. These products would not be as popular as they are without having a number of reasons to prove the point. If I go into all of them, however, this article would probably end up being about ten pages too long, so let’s distill it down into five salient points instead. Convenience, versatility, variety, strength, and price are some of the main factors that people consider when making the decision to invest in cardboard displays. Is cardboard shelving the right choice for you? Let’s find out.

1. Convenience. One of the best things about a cardboard showcase is that it can be assembled in just minutes, making it an ideal temporary display or one that can be set up on a whim. You won’t need any extra tools or even glue to securely put together the structure. Once they’re assembled, they’re still lightweight enough that you can easily carry them over to the busiest areas of your store, setting them up where you know customers will be able to see them. Cardboard displays also provide you with the convenience of being able to customize your showcase. You can easily write a message out directly on the cardboard, and some displays even come with detachable header panels that you can tape or tack signage onto in order to keep customers updated as to what’s on display.

2. Versatility. These cardboard displays can be used by any number of stores, venues, and other places. You can find them in a library, showcasing the latest books that have just arrived before they get thrown into main circulation. They’re also frequently found in clothing stores, holding t-shirts and similar foldable items. Dump bins are the perfect tool for bulk items, giving customers the opportunity to look through the items to choose the exact ones that they want, while some of the tiered models are perfect for elevating goods directly to customer eye level. There’s a cardboard display rack for almost every item out there today. And speaking of which…

3. Styles. A quick online search will show you that there are hundreds of different cardboard displays that are on the store fixture market today. Many of these models have been designed to feature one specific product, such as magazines, DVDs, items of clothing, birthday cards, and more. Those previous products are usually displayed in racks that utilize a shelf or cell structure, which provides a fully enclosed space for the items. You can also choose from tiered models for a variety of goods that have been raised up for easy customer access, dump bins for bulkier items, and plenty of other styles. There are even cardboard fixtures geared towards specific events, such as ballot boxes. Not to mention that you’ll also be able to choose the color that works best with your establishment. You can choose from familiar shades like red, white, black, and blue.

4. Strength. Corrugated cardboard is a lot stronger than it looks. It’s no accident that humans have been using this material for packing and shipping throughout the past century. Corrugated cardboard (also called corrugated fiberboard) is made from three layers of material to give it that strength and sturdiness. This is why the display stands can hold all of those products easily, without showing any signs of strain. This also gives the stands their notably light weight, letting you transport them around your store just as easily and without any added stress. As a bit of an obvious caveat, corrugated cardboard won’t be as strong as, say, a wood or glass display. So you are running the chance that a cardboard case won’t last as long as a case made from those other two materials. However, the prices on these items are so reasonable that it’s not a farfetched idea for you to buy a group of them in a bulk purchase and keep them stored away if you need to come up with an extra display case in a hurry. That also provides us with a neat segue into our final point.

5. Price Points. I was saving the best for last with this feature. No matter how much we like to pretend it isn’t, price is always a concern – especially when you have to work within a structured operating budget. That glass display cabinet with the built in lighting may not work given your budget parameters at that point in time. Luckily, cardboard display racks seem to have been designed with being budget friendly in mind. While there’s a huge spread of prices for these stands online, many of them can be found for prices that are anywhere between $10 and $30. At that price, you could create a display scheme that’s been customized to meet your exact needs and designed to suit every different type of product that’s for sale in your store.

For a display that can be set up quickly, moved around easily, and will give your customers a chance to get up close and personal with the products that are for sale, you can’t go wrong with a cardboard display. They’re durable, colorful, attractive to customers, and your wallet will appreciate just how affordable they are.

Post time: 02-18-2017