Food Display Cabinets Make Cakes and Pastries Look Splendidly Yummylicious

Visual appeal makes customers want to grab that slice of oreo or blueberry cheesecake in your bakery. And galores of other creamy sweet and fancy treats you’re selling as well. In your bakery business, food should not be simply look “good enough to eat”, but splendidly yummylicious. Making them that way is going to guarantee you a good bunch of regulars and new customers. Here are some practical and useful tips to display your bakery items and gain big returns for your business:

  • Choose the right food display cabinets. You have tasty and fantastic goods to sell? Show them off to the public. Food display cabinets are actually the first things to purchase if you’re planning to sell bakery items in retail. Depending on the foods and goods you’re vending, you can choose a refrigerated display case or a dry food display case. Dry display cases are for foods that don’t need to be refrigerated, such as breads and pastries. However, pastries and desserts baked with fresh dairy ingredients such as frosting, fruit toppings or custard need to be preserved in a refrigerated case. These are high- end and higher quality products with perishable ingredients. Other baked foods containing meat and cheese ingredients (e.g. ham and cheese croissants) also need refrigeration. Both dry and refrigerated food display cases are designed for storing high-volume merchandise for effective display.
  • Food display cabinets are fundamentally a bakery equipment for keeping baked goods and foods in a secure and clean environment until they are ready to be purchased and consumed.
  • Some bakery items are fantastic when displayed in a refrigerated display case, but some foods need to be elevated to be noticed, screaming, “hey, we’re lip- smacking and up for grabs”. Display pedestals, cake displays, and tiered food display stands are ideal for these products. You can choose to buy these food display cabinets with clear glass, metal or plastic display design.
  • Create a scene of festiveness and abundance. Baked items look good when they are displayed together, whether they are chocolate chip cookies, loaves of bread or any baked items. Create an illusion of bounty, showing more using a mirrored- wall display cabinet. Let your customers know your merchandise by posting signs such as displayettes or card holders. Include the prices, too, so that customers can easily calculate the cost of their purchases.
  • Display your goods attractively together in different complementing colors and use other accessories. Place them in a basket backed with colored clothes or faux flowers or beads. Use lighting to enhance the appeal of your baked products and keep everything neat, clean and fresh. No crumbs, no stains and no fingerprints on the glass, or flies and other invading pest inside the food display cabinet.

Post time: 04-02-2017