Freight Brokering – It’s Wide Open!

One of the most exciting experiences as a truck broker trainer is working with clients from all over America. One recent client is from Omaha, Nebraska.

Now, to some people on the eastern seaboard or on the west coast, Omaha may not seem to be a real hot bed of activity. But you might be surprised. It’s wide open with opportunity. Read on…

You see, one of the nicer aspects of working as a freight broker is the fact that you can work right in your “backyard”, so to speak. Or you can work with customers in potentially all 48 states. Again, it’s wide open.

Robert, my recent client from Omaha, has been driving a truck for years and is now going to start brokering loads for not only his trucks but for other trucking companies as well.

Toward the end of my instruction, I always spend some time going over a plan of action with each client. I want them to know pretty certain where and how they are going to get started.

Robert has personal contacts that are just waiting for him to get his broker authority. Then he will contact them first and then he mentioned all the potential activity in Omaha.

They have beer manufacturers, motor cycle manufacturers, steel mills, fire equipment manufacturers, cereal manufacturers, store fixture manufacturers – in fact the largest in the world based right there in Omaha. And this is just a start.

I said, “It appears you have been doing your homework”. He said, “Yes, I have”.

Now, some clients come to me without having such contacts. So, we introduce them to several methods for uncovering customers. We also take them to some of the traditional resources for finding shippers; but if a person is going where everyone else is going, there is no competitive advantage.

The key is to go where no one else is going. In this way clients uncover customers who are not being called by every freight broker in the country. You might be surprised what you can uncover by using unique keywords on Internet searches plus some other tools.

So, folks, this business is wide open. What opportunities do YOU have right under your nose? Or in any of the 48 states?

Post time: 01-29-2017