Get Mannequins Ready for Christmas

Are your mannequins ready for Christmas? Mannequins in your store are probably the most prominent displays that you have. They are great creative canvases that you can use to promote more than your most expensive outfits. Let’s think about what else your mannequins can do for you.

Mannequins make great store window displays and they can also be used to accent different departments or areas of your store that don’t get enough attention. You can layer on many different garments and accessories to promote the items that you most want to sell. Mannequins definitely help people visualize what a garment looks like on a human body. Many times, a garment might not look like much on the rack and customers will pass right by. Put that same garment on a mannequin with shoes and accessories and you can start a new trend.

The idea is to have the mannequin really convey what you want people to feel when they think about your store or certain items. Positioning is important, props are important, and lighting techniques can really make a difference when it comes to establishing a mood. Christmas is the perfect time to really get creative and have your mannequins make a real impact on what people spend in your store. This is the time of year when people pay more for things that they really want either for themselves or others. A lot of people consider a great gift something that their recipient would really love, but may not ever purchase for themselves.

If you want your mannequin to promote a new style or fad, then consider what might make people want to try out the new fad. What is appealing about it? Is it cutting edge? Is it especially flattering? Are the materials unique? Once you know what is special about the garments you’ll be displaying, you can start brainstorming and testing out different positions. Christmas themes make people feel like giving and get them into the holiday spirit.

If your mannequins will be in the store front window, then you may have a lot of creative options. Create a scene that shows someone comfortable in the new style. You might want the mannequins to look proud of their new look. Maybe they’re getting some attention for the clothes that they’re wearing. Mannequins can help you sell more if you accessorize correctly. You want to give the mannequin a style that the average consumer may not have imagined. That sweater was just a sweater on the rack, but with the scarf, bag, hat, shoes and trendy skirt, it makes for a great Christmas gift.

The main thing to remember here is that the mannequins can not only promote, but give your store a special feel. They help customers develop a brand image about your store and can keep them coming back. Keeping your mannequins interesting can keep people curious about your store and what it’ll be offering next. Proper lighting, positioning and accessorizing can make a big difference when it comes to the Christmas season in your store.

Post time: 07-15-2017