Glam Racks Garment Rack Disassembly

Glam Racks are simple in design and allow you to have a travel size folding garment rack inside of any bag (with a flat bottom) or suitcase you choose. And the cost savings is huge! These are easy to make on your own if you choose, but I custom make every rack ordered. Glam Racks can also be used free standing! This allows you to use your bag or suitcase without the rack when it isn’t needed. You also can have a rack made to any size you want – just carry it in whatever storage bag you like and assemble it free standing. It doesn’t have to be inside of a bag or case.

No need to buy yet another bulky bag or case just to have a garment rack inside. No need to make more space at home to store another bag! No need to be caught off guard at competitions with nowhere to hang your costumes, makeup bags, or backpacks and gear.

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Thank you for your interest!

Post time: 09-30-2017