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The Orion™ storage and display unit is a large forecourt bunker and display unit, ideal for supermarkets and forecourts. The Durapol material is low–maintenance with exceptional strength and long service life.
Orion’s large display area allows easy access to goods and encourages customers to buy.
The Orion™ storage and display unit is manufactured from corrosion-free Durapol® Material, offering exceptional strength and a long service life. Commonly displayed products like screen wash and rock salt can be extremely damaging to metal display units – Orion™ is impervious, and can be easily wiped clean.
Orion™ is available with a choice of three cover options: without cover, for 24-hour sites; a corrosion-free Rollatec™ Material cover that provides weather protection and hides contents from view; or an aluminium shutter with Vandalex® Coating that provides extra security in areas where there is a high risk of vandalism.
Orion™ storage and display unit is available in a choice of standard or special order colours and can be extensively personalised with your company’s choice of graphics. Optional promotional display points can be supplied with the unit to offer flexibility in advertising your sales promotions to customers. The unit can be configured with or without a shelf, and an optional stainless steel hasp & staple lock for the covers adds extra security.

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Post time: 07-15-2017