Gondola Train Movers – move fully stocked shelving and store fixtures (No audio)

Video demonstration of the Gondola Train Shelf Moving System. The Gondola Train is a fast, safe, and economical system for moving fully loaded fixtures within a store. With only 6-8 people, an entire 10,000 sq ft store can be moved in about 8 hours.

The Gondola Train is designed to move stable gondola shelving units only. Up to 124 feet of shelving can be moved at one time. The Gondola Train is the ONLY system tested and approved by Lozier and works on virtually all the major shelving brands.

Contact Gondola Train at 888-400-5227 or see our website, www.GondolaTrain.com, for more information about all the Gondola Train shelf moving systems.

Post time: 02-17-2017