Gondolas Shelves Are A Traditionally Versatile Choice

When it comes to choosing the perfect store display fixtures, shop owners must walk the fine line between a modern style and traditional function. With this problem in mind, many turn to gondolas shelves to give them the versatility they want with the traditional structure that they trust. They can truly be used to create any store display that a creative owner could imagine.

One of the most popular styles of gondolas shelves is the double sided options, which have a variety of benefits. These retail store display fixtures are a practical choice because they can display twice as much merchandise at any time as the other choices. From an aesthetic perspective, they are free standing and can serve as an excellent centerpiece around which to base the design of the store.

If the goal of the store layout is to conserve space, then single sided gondolas shelves are an excellent option. These units fit nicely up against any wall, leaving a great deal of space for customers to move around. The space that is saved by using a single sided store display can even be used for a unique and exciting checkout counter design.

Sometimes shop owners are apprehensive about placing items on gondolas shelves because they are not convinced that the items will be secure. If this is truly an issue, then hanging baskets can be attached to the shelves to keep things confined to a smaller space. These baskets are also helpful if a store is going to display a variety of different items on the same shelving unit.

When shopping for these store display fixtures, it is important not to forget the price inserts that slip into the front. If a customer has to search all over an item for the price, they are likely to get frustrated and simply forget about it. These inserts are easy to put into place, easy to change, and make it very easy for customers to see what a great deal they are getting on every item.

There are many times when someone who owns a store will want to experiment with a new and innovative design idea. However, gondolas shelves are a perfect example of a time when the tried and true method is the best. These units have been used in stores for years because they are versatile and can be used to create any number of interesting displays.

Post time: 02-12-2017