Goodbye Lewis’s Department Store, Liverpool

On Friday the 11th june 2010, I entered the ground floor of the Lewis’s department store in Liverpool via the staff entrance, to buy a number of fixtures and fittings remaining from the now shut down building. The store closed forever at the end of the following week.

I grew up in Liverpool and it was an emotional experience for me to be in the old place, and see it finally shut after 154 years.

So I recorded the event on my camera. The other floors were all shut to the public, but the escalators lived on. We start in the corner of the cosmetics department then move down to the cafe by the Central station, then back up to the right to the canteen by the entrance there, where the bus stops were at the bottom of Brownlow Hill.

I was taken to the grotto there, long time back in the 1960′s. Look out for the writing on the last receipt I will ever receive, when I left the store with a few things. A good Honeywell silver fan the staff used, two red trays from the canteen and yes, four soup bowels for my Father.

Bless you Lewis’s. We met under a statue, exceedingly bare. x

Post time: 09-22-2017