Hats On To Retail

Over $200 million dollars a year is spent on baseball-style caps, those with sporting logos alone, in the United States. This is not to mention the abundance of designer or hobby oriented cap sales. The baseball cap or “ball cap” has been seen on the heads of Americans for over a century, but in the last ten years, sports organizations began marketing their logos and trademarks on caps. This quickly grew into a huge industry, spreading throughout the world. People of all ages and culture groups have embraced the ball cap not only to support their sports teams, but also to make a statement of fashion. The incredibly diverse and dynamic market for caps has birthed several new retail stores that sell caps exclusively and have been extremely successful at it.

These extremely specific retail environments are very efficient. They need very little space to operate, and only a few types of retail display fixtures are necessary to adorn the walls with hundreds of caps. They typically carry around 5,000 caps in stock at all times, which goes to show the demand for these products. By taking advantage of different sporting events, these stores boost their sales periodically. It is amazing the number of people that prepare or respond to these events by purchasing a new cap.

There are also cap stores that help their customers design their own ball caps. Custom embroidery has become popular with the development of computerized sewing machines that add any design the customer wants to the hat of their choice. So there is truly a cap for everyone. Some sports equipment stores have begun providing this service as well.

Possibly the best thing about cap sales for retailers is that it is a relatively cheap business to run. Hat hooks held by slatwalls and possibly head mannequins are the only necessary retail store displays needed. A sales counter and sales associate are the only other things needed to keep the store going. Adding a cap section to an existing retail store is extremely simple. However, regardless if you are beginning a cap exclusive store or adding a cap section to an existing store, it is important to have quality hats. Customers have a choice, and the majority of those buyers that are looking for sports caps or fashion caps want to buy high quality products. If you can offer officially licensed caps or name brands, you are almost guaranteed sales.

Investigate the baseball cap market for yourself and see how profitable and easy it really is. If you already sell any sports apparel, this should be an instant addition. It can really make an impact on your sales with just a small investment in inventory and store fixtures.

Post time: 09-18-2017