Have a Jewelry Display at Home and a Trade Show Display to be Proud Of

I always get the compliments at expos and trade shows about how beautiful my jewelry display is and how people would love to have such a display at home. I believe trade show display stands make a huge difference to how my jewelry designs are showcased and seeing your jewelry on display at home makes a big difference and lets you enjoy the beautiful designs even more.

Well it is easy to display your costume jewelry at home so you get to enjoy it everyday. Simply get a collection of quality and stylish jewelry display stands. Let your friends and family know about these as great gift ideas for you and be delighted when you start getting them as presents.

A pierced earring holder is a great way to enjoy your earrings every day rather than hiding them away in a messy jewelry box and having them tangle up with necklaces. Using a stand for your necklaces and bracelets will save on a heap of tangles and frustrations too.

For my home display I have about 7 stands – a mixture of earring holders and necklace trees. I like to theme my jewelry and have the earrings spread out (while a friend of mine likes them all bunched together on a couple of big earring stands).

A metal earring holder, like a pewter earring holder, is a great way for theming your dangle earrings and stud earrings. I like to be able to have different styles of display stands too, so have dragonfly earring tree, butterfly earring holder, multiple earring display stands, Princess Crown and floral earring holder designs available for the best effect.

You can also get some beautiful French designed jewelry wire display stands and these mannequin jewelry organizers bring out the girl in all of us! Many people get the whole set of 5 designs for the best impact.

You can make your own stands like the picture frame earring holder with wire over a frame but I prefer the shapes and ease of use of the earring trees rather than the wire so we all have our own style.

When on the road handcrafted jewelry organizers, also known as jewelry travel organizer or jewelry roll, are great for looking after your rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

I use jewelry organizers for when I’m on wholesale road trips, visiting shop customers. Taking the earrings out of a beautiful jewelry bag organizer to show a valued wholesale customer is all part of the presentation of your business so you create a consistent message of beauty and quality.

Of course I use the travel jewelry organizer for my own jewelry when I go away for weekends and on holidays and find them really easy. I also use them for looking after my jewelry at the gym as they fit and carry in handbags really well.

So having a beautiful display of your beloved earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that looks as good at home as it does in the shops and expos is easy after all. I’ve made it happen so it is easy to do so you can too.

Post time: 04-30-2017