Highly Requested| Diva Room/Closet Tour + Organizing Ideas Pt 1/3

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Sorry Boo Thangs this is the longest video I’ve ever done, but it was highly requested. This was an actual room that I converted into a walk-in closet and vanity area. Hope you guys enjoy!!

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Highly Requested:
♡ EYEBROW TUTORIAL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkW-Ala-sJI
♡ Closet/ Room Tour Pt 1: Shown above! http://youtu.be/sQ3kVfjkxEU
♡ Vanity Tour/ Make-Up Collection Pt 2/3: Coming Soon (UPLOADING!
♡ Make-Up Collection (Alex 9 drawer) Pt 3/3: Coming Soon (UPLOADING)!

Video Sequence:
♡ Video Intro/ Disclaimer: 00:16
♡ Room Overview: 1:40
♡ Scarf Storage: 2:20
♡ Wall Earring Holder: 3:12
♡ 1st Wall Overview: 3:53
♡ Nail Supply Cabinet: 4:57
♡ #1 Shoe Display/Storage: 6:54
♡ Clothing Rack/Storage Unit: 8:45
♡ Jewelry Storage/ Display: 12:56
♡ Inside Alex 5 Drawer(wide): 14:11
♡ # 2 Shoe Display/Storage: 19:33
♡ Last Wall area: 22:33
♡ Vanity Area: 23:57

I do not own any sound effects or music played in this video!

This is not a sponsored video! I works hard for the money :0

Post time: 04-11-2017