Hot Tip: Retail Sign Frames Make an Impression

Communication is a big part of any retailer’s in-store marketing plan. Most retailers know what they want to say. The problem is that they don’t think about how they say it, which can mean lost revenue. You want to keep customers immediately informed as they walk through your store – letting them know what items are on sale, for example, or pointing out new merchandise – but how can you make sure these messages are received?

Display frames can be a flexible, cost-effective tool for your in-store marketing strategy. The right frames can also enhance your brand, lending an air of credibility and professionalism to your image. This, in turn, can influence your customer’s last minute purchasing decisions.

What is a display frame and how can I use it? A display frame is a display fixture for signs, posters and other graphic materials that can be used in many different ways. Some examples:

  • Flyers: Advertise your weekly or monthly specials in a colorful flyer and display it around your store in a frame.
  • Advertisements: You’ve probably paid a lot of money to advertise your store. Maybe you’ve hired a photographer to photograph your products, and then a designer to lay out an ad. Finally, you pay a newspaper or magazine to publish it. Why not get the most out of your money? Display your latest ads in-store in an attractive ad frame.
  • Signs: Are certain items on sale? Do you have new arrivals? Let your customers know! An effective sign is clear, concise, and displayed professionally in a well-designed sign frame.

Display frames can also hold posters, photographs, announcements, or anything else you can think of.

Why use display frames in your store? Let’s face it – scribbling “ON SALE NOW” on a post-it and slapping it over your wares is not going to get anyone’s attention… much less convince anyone to reach into their pockets and make a purchase. An attractive, professional frame will make your sign, poster, advertisement, or flyer stand out. Retailers use display frames for the same reason they keep their shelves tidy, carpets vacuumed, and counters clean: presentation counts.

What kind of display frame should I use? How much space do you have? A wall mounted display fixture can free up valuable floor space, but once installed it cannot be moved around easily. A free standing display fixture, on the other hand, takes up space on the sales floor, but can be moved around easily. Both wall mounted and free standing display frames come in a range of sizes, finishes and styles, so you are sure to find one to meet your requirements.

Whether you choose a wall mount or floor standing frame, you should make sure your display frame is easy to use, particularly when it comes to changing your display. Some frames require you to completely dismantle them in order to change the graphic materials you want to display. This can be time consuming and expensive – especially if you have a lot of frames and are paying someone to change them for you. Quick-changing display framing systems, like swing frames, snap frames, or top load frames, for example, are an excellent solution. These display frames let you change your display in seconds, letting you change your message frequently and thereby improving communications with your customers.

Display frames can improve the efficacy of your in-store marketing techniques. Chances are you are already using signs, posters, and advertisements to communicate with your customers – now make sure those messages are seen. Your bottom line will thank you!

Post time: 02-23-2017