How Restaurants & Retail Stores Can Exploit Table Tents For a Better Marketing

It is imperative for those in the restaurant business to highlight the latest and correct information about their services and products, as this information gets noticed by the clients and enhances profits.

A simple accessory like table tents could be exploited for this purpose. You may use these to highlight your special or more popular dishes and beverages, plus desserts. You can employ these tents installed over the top of tables, for bringing your wares to the notice of diners.

Table tents can also prove helpful for retail sales when positioned over the counter tops of stores, or on the tables over which the clients can talk to the sales persons.

Here are five different ways of employing table tents for the purpose of promoting retail stores or for the marketing of goods in restaurants, as well as for drawing additional attention from your clients to items in your menu or any special offers:

Endorse the trendiest items of your menu

Every restaurant is known for a couple of dishes which are especially popular among its clients. Table tents on straightway facing the diners work as helpful tools that encourage customers to opt for the items your restaurant is especially famous for.

You can make a list containing the names of three to four popular dishes and keep it facing the clients using table tents. This way you can bring to their notice your most liked items in the menu.

Announce daily and weekly special dishes

A very helpful feature of table tents is the fact that you can very easily add or remove any marketing material. That makes them great for listing your daily or weekly special food items.

Right in the beginning of a week or every morning you can revise the offers or make a new offer by using these tents. One proven way to increase traffic to your restaurant is to include a special item/menu for the day. A table tent positioned over each table gets easily noticed by the diners.

Incorporate drinks and desserts among your strategy of enhancing the sales

Serving diverse beverages plus desserts helps attracting additional clients. The sales promotion of items generally forms a large part of the profits of any restaurant. So, you need to keep your clients informed about your special appetizers, desserts and beverages.

Prepare a small menu of your most selling desserts, beverages and appetizers for each table. This keeps the customers more informed of your specialties, and encourages them to spend more than the regular amount.

Provide a range of financial options for selling your wares

The benefits of using table tents are not confined to just restaurants, as these can effectively be employed by retailers. This is particularly true for retailers selling expensive products – like furniture and other goods that customers prefer purchasing through financing.

Table tents facilitate you to make more deals if you prepare a financing leaflet and display them on sales counter. So, whenever a prospective buyer communicates to the sales staff, they are already aware of the options available for financing.

Announce big discounts and special offers

Many times, the most helpful way of increasing traffic to your restaurant and prompting customers to spend more is by extending special deals. Think of imaginative ways of offering discounts like “order one and get one free” to grab the attention of your customers.

Post time: 09-16-2017