How To Add Value To Your Wholesale Business

A wholesaler should seek to add value to his wholesale business. By adding value to his business he will accomplish two important achievements. He will be able to distinguish his business by differentiating himself based on the value propositions which he offers. In addition, he will also be able to increase his wholesale sales by providing an incentive to retailers to purchase closeout merchandise from him. You can use the following tips to increase the level of value.

Tip #1

Offer free merchandise with every product order. If you sell clothing pallets, you can give your customers an extra 10 pieces of clothing with every shipment.

Tip #2

Calculate how much you would need to sell to offer free shipping, and pick up the cost of shipping for those who exceed that amount. For example, if you are a vendor of men’s dress shirts, and your profit is.50 per unit, and the average cost to ship a pallet is $100, you might want to extend free shipping to any men’s wear store that buys more than 500 dress shirts.

Tip #3

Educate your customers. Many wholesale buyers are just starting a new store and can use all the advice you can offer. They might need advice such as where to purchase store fixtures, where to advertise their new business, or where to locate wholesalers for product lines which you do not carry. By becoming a source of information for your customers you are creating goodwill and building trust since they will realize that you an authority figure in the wholesale trade

Post time: 02-28-2017