How to Best Display Glass Art Works – Artistic Glass Vases and Bowl Placement for Unique Decor

When you have gorgeous pieces of glass art, it is important that you make the most of their elegant beauty. Whereas they may look fantastic merely set upon a table in a corner, a piece of art really should be displayed in a manner that draws attention or ties a room together in a creative, innovative way. There are endless ways to display glass art– and how it is displayed will ultimately depend on the shape and the type of piece it is. Here, we will suggest three ways that you can incorporate your glass art effectively into a space to make a statement that is strong, but elegant.

Entryway Accent Tables

The entrance into a space is incredibly important, as it serves as the first impression of your home. For this reason, it is the perfect opportunity to display a beautiful piece of glass art. This is particularly important if you have a uniquely shaped piece. If you have a simpler piece, it is still incredibly effective. There is so much that you can do with the piece beyond setting it on a table, however. Glass vases with one long, poetic branch of flowers will create a bit of drama, adorned with some natural pieces– such as smooth stones or shells. Think of your entryway accent table as a sort of shrine if necessary to visualize. You can make it incredibly ornate, or incredibly simple, as long as it is a statement of your home, and how you would like your guests to feel within the space.

Rows of Glass Plates on Shelving

If you have one or a set of gorgeous glass plates, then they certainly should not be hidden away in a cabinet! Displaying plates outside of a table, however, can be a bit tricky. One great way to get decorative plates into your decor is to display them in a set on shelving units. This groups them for a more dramatic but cohesive look. You can easily install one to three rows of shelving, depending on how many plates are in your set. Once installed, finding plate stands to set them upright will allow their brilliance to shine through. For a bigger statement, try painting a rectangle behind the shelving units to provide more contrast. Play with colors and arrangement until you find what speaks your personality the most.

Using a Glass Art Display Case

Though perhaps not the most creative of these tips, displaying a glass art piece in its own case is a great way to draw attention to its beauty. Gorgeous hand blown glass vases and Murano pieces are perfect examples. In this case, your art becomes a main focal point of the space– and is great for intricate, unique, or colorful pieces. Display cases come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. You can find them in furniture stores, or you could even purchase one used. A white interior with soft lighting is great for colorful pieces. If you have a larger, multi-tiered case, you can display multiple pieces of glass art. Larger pieces, however, can make a bold statement all alone.

No matter what type, shape, or color of glass art you own, it is important that you show it off! From glass vases, bowls, candle holders and dishes – glass is highly versatile and can be worked into any style of decor– you just have to know how to display it right!

Post time: 05-30-2017