How to Choose Bucket Displays For Every Kind of Store

Bucket display racks are extremely convenient for both you and your customers. These kinds of display fixtures include both the tools to hold your merchandise (the buckets) as well as the tools to help you display them (the racks), so creating the display takes very little effort.

However, there are numerous kinds of bucket racks and each kind is going to work best with a certain kind of merchandise and in a certain area of your store or business.

Below are three steps to help you get started. Ultimately, each step is connected to the final one: Deciding which bucket display rack will work best with your store’s display space and the merchandise you want to display.

Step One: Take a Look at Your Store’s Display Space

Do you want to situate a display near your store’s checkout counter? Do you want to create a display along one of your store’s walls, or somewhere on the store’s floor?

You can find bucket display racks in a variety of styles and sizes (see below), and before you make a selection you need to evaluate how much display space you have.

Step Two: Consider Your Merchandise

As mentioned above, bucket display racks – and the buckets they come with – are available in numerous sizes and styles; however, no matter what size you choose, these display fixtures generally work best for displaying small kinds of merchandise like:

  • Wrapped candy, whether it’s individual pieces of candy, gumballs, suckers or lollipops, candy bars, and even novelty candy.
  • Convenience items like lighters, eyeglass repair kits, on-the-go sewing kits, and travel-sized hygiene products.
  • Souvenir items like key chains, seashells, and stickers.
  • Craft and hobby items like buttons, beads, sewing and knitting needles, spools of thread, glue stick refills for glue guns, and containers of glitter or sequins.
  • Home repair items like screws, bolts, nuts, and nails.
  • Children’s toys like bouncy balls, yo-yos, and small stuffed animals.

Note that because the buckets are available in different sizes, you should take stock of the merchandise you plan to display in the buckets before you select your bucket display.

Step Three: Understand the Different Kinds of Bucket Display Racks

Now that you know where you want to situate your bucket display and which merchandise you want to display in it, it’s time to get familiar with the different kinds of bucket display racks.

Depending on where you want to situate your display and how much space you have to work with, you might want to use:

  • Rotating buck racks, which are great for floor displays and point-of-purchase, or POP, displays.
  • Countertop bucket racks, which work well as display fixtures for your checkout countertop or any other counter or table top in your establishment.
  • Free-standing bucket racks, which are similar to rotating bucket racks in that you can situate them any place on your floor as long as you have space.
  • Wall-hanging bucket racks, which are excellent choices if you need to maximize display space or are in need of wall-friendly display fixtures.

Post time: 08-26-2017