How to Choose Display Cabinets

Do you have a collection of precious items, long stored away and finally have you been collecting trucks since childhood? Teacups from each city you have visited? Or maybe you have a collection of antique dolls that warrant a central spot in your living room. More likely still, are you a busy mom with armfuls of trophies and ribbons that are in need of a (democratic) display case?

Whether you have just a corner free in your living room, or you are creating an entire space for your most prized possessions, display cabinets come in every size and shape, and there’s surely one for you. But when thinking of which type to choose, how does one choose between the wealth of options? It is best to first think of what you will be displaying and then go from there.

Antiques are best coupled (and best preserved) with glass-enclosures, ensuring your cherished goods their time in the spotlight, with limited chance of damage. Pair your antiques with an elegant colored wood, for example a cherry wood finish or an oak one, for a stunning display. To allow plenty of light (and attention) to flow in, choose a mirrored backing. Glass shelving allows for even more visibility, while light from the bottom will leave your collection shining. Shorter display cabinets can be stacked, if height is desired but doorways won’t permit a single unit from entering. You can also then have choice if at some point you want to redesign the room.

If space is not an issue, entire open-faced options, like an étagère, are excellent options for less precious collections, such as clocks or globes. Especially for items that beg to be touched, like family trophies or old family photographs, an open display will keep your goods off the ground without setting them off-limits. However, if certain objects are more fragile than others, place them out of eyesight, so at the highest point, while putting more child-friendly objects on the lowest levels.

If your high definition TV’s and cutting-edge stereo equipment are in need of display cabinets, an entirely different look will be in order. Sleek apparatuses will be much better paired with black cabinets, if a modern feel is wanted. Your unit can also house minimal accents like stylish vases and a simple sculpture. But if cozy is what you want, instead of black, choose a warm colored wood case with adjacent nooks. Fill cubbies with family heirlooms to play down the high-tech edge of your flat-screen. Or choose a fireplace hutch and let your TV hang above the glow like a modern day piece of art. Since large CRT based rear projection TVs are a thing of the past, take advantage of the many new options for housing your sleeker TV. Credenzas, often made of a polished wood with symmetrical display cabinets, can serve as a central cupboard and a home to your flat-screen.

Gone are the days of one proper way to furnish your home, or display your most beloved objects. Display cabinets nowadays come in every shape and size. More than interior decorating rules and do’s-and-don’t's. choose your casing according to your family’s personality, and the objects that you wish to display.

Post time: 04-08-2017