How to Choose Hanger for Clothes

Hook or hanger is a tool made to follow the contour of human’s shoulder. Hanging clothes with hanger is more efficient and more effective way to keep them from getting wrinkled than folding. When you don’t have enough time for your clothes, just hang them. Hanging clothes with hanger needn’t certain skill. Besides, this way is also better applied in sun-drying process, especially in small space. When it suddenly rains, you can easily move them.

There are several types of hanger based on the material and its function. Material used includes wood, bamboo, plastic and metal hangers. Based on the function, hanger is used for outside and inside room.

Hanger for outside room, especially for sun-drying, is generally made of strong material that is not easily broken. Metal hanger is more appropriate to be used in outside room since it is more resistant in the changeable weather than other materials, mainly if it is compared to those made of plastic. The best material for inside-room hanger is made from plastic. Though this material is not strong enough, it is safer to keep the clothes inside your cupboard. It is fine if you use the metal ones. However, unless you are careful, you can tear your clothes.

In this case, the material of clothes also concerns which type of hanger suitable for them. For instance, cotton is more appropriate to be hanged by using wood hanger. Meanwhile, clothes made of silk are better hanged by using plastic ones. When you need hanger for hanging your clothes don’t forget to store them. You can place them in a cupboard or clothes rack.

Post time: 09-16-2017