How to Choose the Best Showroom Display for Your Ceramic Tile Display Needs

The importance that the display design plays in your overall marketing can’t be overlooked. There are many types of showroom displays you can choose for your ceramic tiles, among the most popular are the wing rack, waterfall and cradle.

A wing rack is the best choice if you have many sizes and types of tile, and your samples are shown on sample display boards. The sample display board itself can be plain, or show images of ceramic tile in a finished setting. A wing rack typically holds between 40 to as many as a hundred sample display boards.

Wing racks are impressive and usually large. Typically, they are situated against a windowless wall in a showroom. Quite often a wing rack tile display will have a large sign at the top, making a bold statement for the brand. These large showroom display fixtures can also be equipped with lighting units and even video displays.

A waterfall display rack will often hold between 9 and 16 sample boards. Waterfall displays can also hold loose ceramic tiles as well as wood flooring samples, granite, stone and marble. Waterfall displays are an inexpensive and sturdy solution for any showroom display setting!

Waterfalls are fairly easy to move around, and as a general rule they allow for a view behind. As such, waterfalls can be situated against a window area without making the room seem closed in! Optional signage can help reinforce the brand, and a large and colorful graphic adds a sense of stability and solidity to the company presence.

The tile sample boards within a wing rack also give a chance to reinforce the benefits of your product with either screen printed graphics or full color images which can feature beautiful tile installations as well as your logos and other branding!

A cradle display is very versatile because it can show anything from large, single tiles to complete grouted panels. [A grouted panel is a way to display finished ceramic tiles grouted and arranged.] A cradle display is an economical way to showcase your tile flooring samples.

Like waterfall displays, a cradle display can usually be placed against either wall or window. Cradles can also have signage either at the front, or placed at the back high enough to be seen over the tile sample display boards or loose tile samples.

Whether you choose a wing rack, a waterfall, or a cradle display for your tile samples, the impact of a finished and elegant tile display can only serve to reinforce your brand and make your products more visible!

Post time: 03-04-2017