How to Choose Wire Racks For Every Display

Wire display racks are ideal fixtures for creating displays in any kind of store or business. The trick is to learn how you can choose the wire rack that’s best for your store’s or business’s particular display needs.

Below are three steps to help you do just that.

1. Determine the Location of Your Display

When it comes to using wire racks for displays, you have three location options: Your store’s floor, your store’s wall, and your store’s countertop.

Simply put, it’s going to boil down to the kind of merchandise you want to display and how much room you have in each area.

Consider these examples:

  • You can use wire racks for wall displays to showcase small children’s toys in an area already dedicated to displaying children’s toys.
  • You can use wire racks for floor displays to showcase travel-sized hygiene items in an area already dedicated to display full-sized products.
  • You can use wire racks for countertop displays to show add-on merchandise such as chewing gum, candy, soda, and convenience items like matchbooks, lighters, and eyeglass repair kits.

2. Decide Whether You Want to Create Your Own Display

Now that you know where you want to situate your wire display rack, think about whether or not you have the time (or know-how) to create your own display or whether it’d be best to purchase a pre-filled display rack.

Pre-filled display racks are available for floor, wall, and countertop displays and they are complete with plastic buckets filled with everything from candy items to novelty toys. These display fixtures are great for stores that are just getting started as well as those businesses that generally stay too busy to create their own displays. These are also fantastic solutions for stores that have experienced an isolate influx of customers, such as during big sale events or the holiday seasons. Pre-filled display racks allow stores to quickly order and set up merchandise displays so they can move on to more pressing matters – like helping customers!

If you’d rather start out with wire display racks pre-filled with merchandise, there’s no need to move on to the third step. Simply shop around for a distributor that offers these items.

If you’d rather create your own wire rack display, though, it’s time for the third step.

3. Consider Your Merchandise

How you move forward with this step largely depends on where your wire rack display is going to be located.

If you’ve opted to create a wall display with wire racks, chances are the display rack will come complete with plastic buckets to hold your merchandise. All you’ll need to do is determine which merchandise will fit best in those buckets.

The same can be true for wire display racks designed for floor and countertop displays. You can find these display racks complete with plastic buckets for holding your merchandise and all you’ll need to do is determine which merchandise will best fit those buckets.

However, if you plan to look for just the wire display racks, you’ll need to think about two things:

  1. The kind of merchandise you plan to display. For example, if you plan to display stand-alone items like bagged snacks or bottles or cases of soda, you’ll only need a rack sturdy enough and large enough to hold these items. If, however, you want to display smaller items like children’s toys or bulk candies, you’ll need to think about a sizeable enough rack as well as additional display fixtures like plastic containers to hold the merchandise.
  2. The size and weight of your merchandise. As mentioned above, as you’re choosing your wire display racks you must choose racks that are sturdy enough to support your items. Bagged snacks like chips and trail mix don’t tend to weigh much, but cases or bottles of soda or water are heavy. When it comes to plastic containers filled with merchandise, you need to think about the number of containers and what they will be holding. A small wire countertop rack holding a handful of containers might not need to be so sturdy, but a larger floor wire rack holding many containers will need to be sturdier.

Post time: 03-29-2017