How to fix aluminium standoff / wall mount to wall. Acrylic frame

Luminati Waycon Ltd – Fixing Aluminium Wallmounts

Here is a short demonstration of how to fix our supplied aluminium standoffs to your wall.

The instructional video takes you step-by-step through the simple process in order for you to attach you new Acrylic frame to you wall.

- Using the holes on the frame, mark on the wall where you will be positioning the wall mounts.
- Take the threaded section of the wall mount and insert the screw into the hole. The head of the screw will sit flush into the threaded section.
- Fix the screw into your wall (using a fixing method suitable to your wall construction).
- Take the large body of the wall mount and screw this into the small threaded section that has been fixed to the wall.
- You can now put your frame in place and screw the header section of the wall mount in to place.

Clear acrylic photo frames, a simple elegant solution to wall handing frames.

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Post time: 09-21-2017