How to Gentle Up Stained Glass

Stained glass is so beautiful when exhibited in a window where the sunlight shines via the glass. The impact of the sunlight reflecting gentle via the many glass textures and shades adds a extraordinary magnificence to the place.

To install art glass into a window opening you have two solutions. Purchase or make a glass piece that is the precise dimension of the window opening. Put the art glass piece in excess of the present window and secure with molding or brackets. Be certain to thoroughly clean up the window prior to set up. To exhibit smaller art glass parts, dangle it earlier mentioned the window applying decorative chain or fishing line.

If you do not have a window where you would like to exhibit your art glass piece, you can create a faux window. With a press of a button, your art glass will gentle up.

To change your art glass into a faux window, you will want to make a shadow box. To make a shadow box you will want wooden for the outer frame, sides and back of shadow box. You will also want rope lights or strip lights that will match into the interior measurements of your shadow box.

Initially measure the length and width of the stained glass piece. Get these measurements from the outer perimeters of the glass. If you would like to have a mitered frame, increase the width of the framing inventory to your measurements.

Case in point: Measurements of perimeter of stained glass piece is 21″ x 24″.

Width of wooden for frame is 2″.

Applying a miter saw or miter box, reduce forty five degree angles on each and every stop.

You will want 2 parts that are twenty five” and 2 parts that are 28″ from suggestion to suggestion.

Use wooden glue and trim head screws to assemble your frame. Now you are completely ready to make the box component of the shadow box.

Slice 2 parts of 1-1/2″ wide wooden that are equivalent to the outer length of the art glass piece in addition 1/four” and two parts that are equivalent to the outer width of the art glass piece in addition 1/four” and 2 times the thickness of the wooden.

Applying wooden glue and brad nails assemble box sides and attach to frame. This leaves the back of the faux window open up so that you can insert your glass. Put stained glass into shadow box and attach with glass brackets and/or silicone. Then increase strip lights or rope lights close to the interior of the box just guiding the stained glass insert.

To make the back of the shadow box, reduce a piece of plywood or masonite to match in excess of the assembled box sides and frame. Be certain to make a hole for the electrical twine. Applying wooden glue and brad nails, attach back to box sides.

An choice to producing a stained glass lighted shadow box would be to dangle art glass in entrance of wall flooded from earlier mentioned by flood bulbs which are mounted guiding a soffit. This approach necessitates the glass artwork to be hung away from the wall about four – 5″. You can complete this by hanging art glass from the soffit which will enable the lighting to be guiding the art glass just like solar shine coming via a window.

Post time: 09-30-2016