How To Handle A Valuable Product Sample At Your Trade Show Exhibit

Every company knows that having samples of your product is one of the best ways to drive traffic through your trade show booth and ultimately to drive new sales conversions. Showing off your product proves that you’re proud of your work and that you want people to notice it. It’s the best way to back up your assertions of quality workmanship.

In many cases, showing off a sample is an easy task. Companies may even give out free samples if their product is something that can or should be used at home. Problems start to arise when the sample is something valuable. From jewelry to art to computer components, there are many valuable samples that would really benefit from a showcase – but only if it’s done with an eye toward keeping that valuable sample safe.

There are three main ways to organize and protect your valuable product while still having it on display. Each of these options has different positives and negatives attached to it, and each has a different cost.

Option 1: Put It In A Display Case

This option is the most expensive and offers the least ability for customers to interact with your product. They cannot even see all the sides of it, nor can they touch it themselves. Depending on the type of product, they might question the authenticity or true value. Display cases tend to be an expensive component of an exhibit, as they must be sturdy and well made to prevent theft.

Option 2: Put It In The Case, But Let Visitors Take It Out

This option has the same cost as simply leaving the item in the case, but it’s a lot better for your visitors. Simply make it clear that in order to touch the item, visitors must ask one of your sales staff. They can then open the case and take it out. This system will protect your merchandise, while also encouraging anyone who enters your trade show stand to talk with a representative. Keep in mind that your representatives will need to be vigilant as they work inside the trade show exhibit – keys to the case can be stolen and visitors can run off with products.

Option 3: Hire Security

If your item is very valuable, you might choose to go above and beyond by adding this third step. Many multimillion dollar pieces of jewelry come with their own security team; why not get that same protection for your valuable sample? They’ll be aware of the security risks at a trade show booth, they’ll have experience securing crowded areas, and they’ll be keen to spot any possible problems. Hiring them is somewhat expensive, so consider the tradeoffs first.

Keeping Your Trade Show Exhibit Secure, Yet Open

As you focus on security, don’t lose sight of the overall goals of your trade show stand. You don’t want people turning away because they feel unwelcome – you want them drawn in because they’re intrigued by whatever is so carefully guarded inside. When done right, security has a strong positive impact and scant, if any, negative influences.

Post time: 03-30-2017