How To Install Glass Shelf – Waddell Case

After you get your Waddell case, we want to make sure that you have the tools to apply the finishing touches to your new display. In this video, we show you how to install the glass shelves in your display case. Watch to see how we guide the shelf brackets into the standard at the back of the case, making sure they are positioned at the same height. When placing the bracket, do not use the slots directly above or on top of the screws in the standard. Attach the plastic shelf clips and place the glass on top, making sure the system is secure. Cases come with left, right, and center brackets for full length shelving.

Waddell’s handcrafted display cases are specially made for each and every customer. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver exactly what you wanted because every case is custom made. Once you’ve designed your display, we construct your case, paying attention to each detail from start to finish. When we’re done, we ship your case fully assembled and damage-free.

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Post time: 08-19-2017