How to Keep Your Candy Displays Fresh and Unique

Regardless of what they sell, most retail stores change their displays from time to time. Whether you manage a candy store, or a grocery store, bookstore, toy store, or gas station, if your establishment sells candy, below are five ways you can make sure you keep your candy displays fresh and unique.

Tip #1: Mix and Match Various Candy Store Displays

When you showcase your candy, you don’t have to keep your displays to one or two of a certain kind of fixture. There are numerous kinds of fixtures at your fingertips, and it’s easy to keep your displays fresh and unique when you mix and match a few of them.

If you’re creating a point-of-purchase display, or POP display, for example, you could mix clear plastic containers or colored acrylic bins to hold small pieces of wrapped candy or gumballs with pre-filled lollipop trees or gumball machines.

Tip #2: Update Your Candy Display With the Changing Seasons

This is perhaps the most fun tip when it comes to keeping your showcases fresh and unique. It’s easy to find both display fixtures and candy in holiday themes and colors, and it’s easy to use existing fixtures and candy to create showcases with a holiday flare.

For example, during Halloween you could create a gumball display using orange and black gumballs. You could do the same during Christmas using red and green gumballs. Colored acrylic bins are easy to find, and you could choose red and clear for Valentine’s Day displays, or pastels for spring and Easter.

Note that this tip also works well if your store is located in a city with a high school, college, or professional sports team. Showcase your candy in containers of the team’s colors!

Tip #3: Keep Your Eyes Open for New Candy Store Display Fixtures

Traditional candy display fixtures have survived the test of time because they’re functional and reliable; when it comes to clear plastic containers and colored acrylic bins, for example, there’s definitely no reason to fix what isn’t broken.

However, wholesalers and retailers that specialize in display fixtures are always coming out with new kinds of candy store display fixtures, and it’s wise for you to keep your eyes peeled for these releases. Trying out new fixtures isn’t “fixing what isn’t broken”; rather, it’s adding visual appeal and new convenience to your displays – and customers always appreciate that!

Tip #4: Reuse Old Candy Display Fixtures in New Ways

Depending on the kind of store you manage, you might have old display fixtures lying around that – while they weren’t originally used for, or maybe not even intended for, candy displays – would work well to showcase various kinds of sweet treats.

Tip #5: Don’t Confuse Your Customers!

In an effort to keep things fresh and unique, you might be tempted to rearrange your store or reposition your candy displays from time to time. Keep in mind that while rearranging your store and repositioning your displays every now and then is fine, and sometimes necessary, doing it often will only confuse and frustrate your regular customers.

You want to give your customers a sense of familiarity and comfort when they visit your store, and that’s tough to do when your constant changes make them feel as if they’re in a completely different store every time they visit. Unless it’s absolutely time to rearrange or reposition things, keep your steps to keeping your displays fresh and unique to the above four tips.

Post time: 04-23-2017