How To Keep Your Pies Warm With Anvil Pie Warmers

Winter is here and there’s nothing better than biting into a delicious and warm pie. Whether it is a steak and kidney pie, chicken pie, pepper steak pie, or even a Cornish pie, there’s no better quick food product to grab during your lunch hour. You just have to run down to your local pie shop or café, choose a pie and off you go. It is essential that any pie shop or café has a steady stock of fresh and warm pies at all times during the day.

Let’s consider how to best keep your pies warm during this winter period.

Firstly, invest in an Anvil Pie Warmer. These pie warmers are manufactured with a temperature indicating gauge for monitoring the internal temperature of the unit. You want to ensure that the pies remain warm and do not cook further but also that it is warm enough so that they do not cool off quickly when they are taken out of the warmer. These pie warmers include a humidity pan that prevents the pies from drying out. The warm pies are crispy and saucy, and ready to be sold at any time.

Most units are supplied with an illuminated display which showcases the pies in an eye-catching warm light and gives great product visibility. This makes the pies even more attractive and appealing to the customer. Look for units that have a glass sliding door on the front and the back of the unit. Or at least have a sliding door at the back of the unit. This adds an element of convenience so that the customer can clearly view the contents and the pies can be easily accessed to complete the sale.

The Anvil Pie Warmers are available to accommodate different capacities, anything from 30 standard pies in some units to 60 standard pies in other units. You will also find that the pie warmers have a removable crumb tray to discard of any pie flakes. There are various pie warmers that are suitable for your café or restaurant’s daily needs and that will suit your budget.

Keep your customers satisfied and wanting more pies this winter. The Anvil Pie Warmers are designed to make your delicious pies look more attractive with the glass display and interior lighting. Plus they will remain warm at a constant temperature that will keep your customers coming back on a regular basis.

Post time: 04-01-2017